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Our updated Covenants, Section XI, require that the Board adopt a fine policy for violations of our Covenants.  At our September meeting we reviewed and approved the attached policy.  Please read carefully as fines for violation of our Covenants, willRead More



We have tallied the results of the voting on the proposed changes to the Tides West Community Association Covenants that were mailed to all members during the first week of August.  The ByLaws, define a quorum as the lesser ofRead More



Our 2020 Annual Meeting is cancelled due to the Covid-19 concerns.  A special mailing was sent to all members with information regarding actions needed by the membership.   The document that needs your attention is the proposed changes to the RestrictiveRead More



We periodically receive anonymous letters that usually are complaining about a neighbor and/or violation of covenants.  The Board has a policy of not responding to anonymous letters.  If we receive signed letters we will always respond in a timely manner. Read More



As we enter the windy season, it is really important that you bag all of your garbage before you put it in your can.  The following quote is from the Peninsula Sanitation website:  County and city ordinances require all garbageRead More



The annual dues for Tides West Homeowners Association is $100.  The dues are due on January 1st of each year. There are a limited number of spaces for small boats to be stored at the lake.  The cost for aRead More



Well, it’s summer and our grass and gardens are growing like crazy with the nice weather we’ve had.  The Board is noticing several properties that need attention per our covenant requirements regarding landscaping.  There are yards that need weeding andRead More



We have had complaints from neighbors that people are seen speeding thru the neighborhood.  We just want to remind everybody that the speed limit is 25 MPH.  As you know there are always a lot of people walking in TidesRead More



The Architecture Committee has posted a document that outlines the requirements of what changes require pre-approval by the Committee.  Please take time to review if you are considering any kind of external changes to your property.  You will find theRead More