Welcome to Tides West, an established residential community located at mid point on the beautiful Long Beach Peninsula in Washington State. Tides West is bordered on the East by the tranquil waters of Loomis Lake and on the West by the spectacular Pacific Ocean.

We are a diverse group of folks, old and young, families and retirees, full time residents, weekenders and summer people.

Our home styles are quite varied; large and small, old and new and we all share a love for the Washington Coast.

We go to sleep and wake up to the pounding of the surf or the sound of the waterfowl on the lake. We spend summer days wandering the beach or canoeing on the lake.

And during the winter we watch crab boats working tirelessly as they cruise up and down the coastal waters.

Winter also brings on our exciting storm season where we batten down the hatches and wait to see what Mother Nature will bring.

The Tides West Homeowners Association works with our owners to maintain our property values and preserve the character of our neighborhood. We welcome all input, suggestions and participation that will ensure we represent you effectively.