Park Improvements



Park Improvements

This year the Board has authorized work to make several improvements in the park.  New ladders have been added to the dock.  We have added landscaping improvements as well.  We also decided it was time to do something with the bathrooms as they were really showing their age.  Dennis Winston completely remodeled the bathrooms and put in new fixtures and paint.  He will also be replacing the roof.  In addition we have had the BBQ grill rebuilt.  Things are looking really good in the park!  Come down and check it out.  We have attached a few pictures of the improvements.  If you need a key to the bathrooms, please let John Holtermann know and he will get one to you.


DSCF2592 DSCF2597 DSCF2596 DSCF2593 DSCF2590 DSCF2548

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